The Zaehrings
The Zaehrings

Three generations of the Zaehring family at
Thanksgiving 2013

We built this Web site to connect better to our various “publics.” We lived and got married in New Jersey, moved to the midwest (Illinois and Wisconsin), then on to Hawaii, where both our son and daughter were born, and finally to Friday Harbor, Washington. We live on an island only accessible by an hour-long ferry ride.

Merry Christmas, read our 2007 Christmas Letter

Jamie graduated from LeTourneau University in 1998 in Aeronautical Engineering Technology. His profession took him first to Friday Harbor, then to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and now to Everett,WA where his employer assigned him to work on developing the new 787 airliner. He and Michelle Beaver were married on Sept 17, 2005 before moving to the Pacific Northwest. More about Jamie

Jennifer graduated from the University of Washington Jackson School of International Studies in 2003. After a stint as an intern with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in Portland, Oregon she went to Mozambique to work with Samaritan’s Purse as a financial coordinator in their relief programs. This led her to Eastern University in Philadelphia where she completed her MBA in International Economic Development, which included an internship in northeastern Brazil, developing business opportunities and entrepreneurship skills in some of the poorer communities.

Jennifer came home to two dozen roses and a longtime friend from UW, Bryan Johnson (whose picture you will find in several of Jenn's UW pictures here). After a courtship in Tacoma, they were married on June 9, 2007. More about Jennifer

The Zaehrings

All the Zaehrings in the United States with that spelling are related to a family who immigrated here from Germany in the 1890’s/ There are fewer than 100 of us.
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Zaehring Additions

We welcome one more Zaehring to the clan and family tree – Michelle Beaver and James M Zaehring were married on September 17, 2005.

James and Michelle Zaehring


Although the Zaehring name has been subsumed by Johnson, we haven't lost a Zaehring but rather gained a new family member.

Jennifer Zaehring Johnson and Bryan Nicholas Johnson.

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